What we do

Our priority is ensuring our clients anticipate the risks and leverage the opportunities that present themselves in order to drive their business’s long-term growth.

Facilitation of commerce and foreign investment

Ferdinand Herrera Consultants understands firsthand the challenges that an investor faces when attempting to successfully venture into a new business environment such as the Dominican Republic.

Our advisory services go beyond ensuring the fulfillment of the basic requirements and formalities needed to establish a legal and business presence in the country. We have the knowledge and reach in the private and public sectors to help you identify and capitalize on viable business opportunities in various industries.

We offer expert advice to companies and individuals who want to start or expand their business ventures in the Dominican Republic, establish a business presence in the country through a local representative, or to import or export goods or services to or from the Dominican Republic.

Conversely, for those that seek to expand their business horizons beyond the borders of the Dominican Republic, we can serve as your allies within close reach in Santo Domingo, leveraging our experience and direct contacts throughout Latin America and the United States to ensure your success.

When a specialist or specific market study is required, our network of contacts with the top professionals in the Dominican Republic, Latin America and the United States can directly support the development of successful strategies to penetrate new markets effectively.

Working together to analyze your specific objectives, and taking into account local realities and the unique characteristics of your industry, we will ensure the smooth and sustainable integration of your business into the desired market. We are here to guide you through every step of the process so that you can achieve your business goals.

Relevant advisory services in the following areas:

  • Agricultural sector
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Banking and insurance
  • Energy and renewable energy
  • Information services and new technologies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Public works projects
  • Real estate sector
  • Retail sector
  • Free zones

Developing corporate affairs strategies

Successfully navigating and shaping the environment where you do business begins with setting a sound, strategic approach to meeting your priorities. We maintain personal relationships with each client, analyzing their issues, assessing and prioritizing their objectives, and establishing a roadmap for accomplishing their goals.

Our role is to maximize your probabilities of success with our knowledge and understanding built on years of ‘hands on’ leadership and direction of initiatives.  This includes campaigns requiring alignment with the executive and legislative branches of the Dominican government, developing effective local media strategies, and properly managing corporate reputational issues throughout the Dominican Republic.

We are experienced in creating, developing, and implementing campaigns designed to accomplish targeted local objectives.  Yet we’re also capable of as well as working seamlessly with corporate affairs and public affairs departments of multinational companies at the global and regional to effectively manage the implementation of broader in-country strategies.



Extensive experience in advocacy and direct engagement with legislators, members of the executive branch, and a cross-section of the media has taught us that access is only the beginning of a successful public affairs or corporate affairs campaign. The real work begins when we first develop an understanding for how their needs and interests can be aligned to your positions and priorities. We serve as capable, credible advisors and advocates who understand that the motivations and interests that can impact your public affairs or corporate affairs strategies are not always apparent, and require a deeper understanding of the interplay among the various actors in the public and private sectors of the Dominican Republic.

When we engage on your behalf, it is part of a continuous process of establishing and reinforcing credibility and trust.  By building multiple platforms for effective communication and collaboration, we aim to obtain the timely, actionable information that can be used to make strategic decisions that deliver specific results.


Building coalitions

Ferdinand Herrera Consultants is highly experienced in building and leveraging formal and informal advocacy coalitions involving allies in the public and private sector. We are familiar with the vast landscape of corporations, trade associations, NGOs, elected officials, and government entities – allowing us to look beyond the obvious to find the most engaged and effective coalition members. In the process, we look to expand your base of support, giving greater voice to your causes and desired outcomes.

We are capable of working as your sole consultant or seamlessly as part of a larger team in the pursuit of building effective coalitions.


Crisis communications and change management

A major change to your business environment can reshape the trajectory of your company, disrupting your long-term goals, reducing your profitability or impacting your reputation. We believe that the best approach to managing these situations is anticipating the uncertainties and minimizing their probability or frequency.  This starts with understanding the trigger points – whether a proposal to change a law, a specific labor or environmental regulation, or an issue affecting the commercialization of your products or services – and preparing strategies for the changes or crises that can most critically impact your business.

Ferdinand Herrera has a track record of credibly and persuasively managing such events.  When a crisis surfaces, it is our role to ensure that you are as prepared as possible to deal with the circumstances.  We are there to work with you through every step of the process.