What We Do

Our priority is ensuring our clients anticipate risks and leverage opportunities

Intelligence & Monitoring (Actionable Information)

  • Legislative monitoring and monitoring of relevant discussions and decisions of the Executive Branch
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Profiles of key stakeholders and political analysis
  • Detection of timely information and trend alerts
  • Analysis of the Current Political and Economic Context

Government and Institutional Relations

  • Development and implementation of government (national, municipal) and institutional relations strategies
  • Advocacy with key stakeholders from the public and private sectors
  • Active participation in committees and working groups of the national government and key business associations


  • Design, evaluation, and execution of legislative lobbying strategies
  • Integration of client priorities with relevant legislative initiatives
  • Formation and coordination of coalitions to support specific initiatives
  • Direct participation in public hearings, subcommittees, committees, and working groups to collaborate with stakeholders, influencers and decision makers

Crisis Management

  • Direct advocacy with decision makers and influencers during a crisis
  • Management of community relations and relations with trade or labor unions
  • Institutional reputation crisis management
  • Management of unforeseen changes in circumstances (e.g., tax structure, environmental regulation, labor law, or other changes of circumstances)

Market Entry and Facilitation of Commerce

  • Market entry analysis (stakeholder mapping; public policy landscape analysis; political analysis)
  • Liaison with relevant government officials and business associations
  • Recommendation of specialists in other professional fields
  • Assistance with evaluation of local partners